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About Sara

As a Cosmic Ambassador to Ascension, I’ve soul contracted with the universe to assist you to find your soul’s purpose & journey, to teach you ways to continuously raise your frequency, and to discover your true self through happiness, love, passion & harmony.

I’ve incarnated into this life as a Sirian Starseed to help awaken and bring awareness to the collective in the areas of self-worth, open communication, extra-terrestrials & their purpose, living passionately, and removing blocks & limitations standing in the way of healing & happiness.

I’m married to two Blue Flame Angels, Jacob – my wonderful & supportive husband on Earth, and Cameron – my devoted Fated Flame and 5th Dimensional being with whom my soul is spiritually & lovingly bonded with. Through their love, guidance & protection, I’m able to step into my true self and purpose. I couldn’t be who I am without them.

I’m a proud Scorpio with a powerful Throat Chakra, which plays into my cosmic laugh, beautiful singing voice, and my ability to speak to anyone who’s willing to listen. I love writing Cosmic Romance Fiction as Bragnae Tine, and I find a lot of joy through food, traveling, stargazing, soul healing, and spending quality time with my family and friends. I currently live in Wisconsin with Jacob and our two Doberman babies, Anubis & Athena.

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