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Sara Comeau has a passion for helping people, animals, and spirit. As a Psychic Empath, she has brought healing and love to many beings across the globe through spirit and animal communication, past life regression, and universal guidance. She is also proud and honored to channel the Ascended Masters and other Enlightened Beings, who bring kindness, love, and information along with their energy through her.


Sara believes in the Law of One, and that everyone has the ability to connect to the universe, individually and collaboratively, as we all work toward a better reality. She has taken on the mission to assist others in finding their soul’s purpose and journey, raising their frequencies, and finding peace, happiness, and love in their lives.


Sara is a proud Scorpio with a powerful Throat Chakra, which plays into her cosmic laugh and beautiful singing voice as well as her love of speaking with those willing to listen. Sara loves food like it's a sentient being, enjoys writing science fiction & fantasy romance, traveling, stargazing, and spending time with family and friends. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Jacob, and their two Doberman babies, Anubis & Athena.

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